Holidaying in August in Italy? Take a look at the last two weeks where prices drop and there is far more availability

August is a month where millions travel on their holidays and it is also the ‘staycation’ month for Italians where many take their holidays in their beautiful homeland. In manufacturing, you will still see a huge shutdown, where many businesses force their employees to take their four week holiday allocation throughout August. This is also takes place in the service industry with a mass exodus from the cities to the countryside, beaches, lakes and mountains. In the cities many businesses close, stores shut down and nothing gets done as literally most Italians are enjoying their ‘ferie’ (holidays) - up to 60% of the Italian population take their holiday during this period. However, Italy is evolving and you will now see many Italians are starting to take the last two weeks of July and the beginning of August.
If you are looking to travel to Italy in August, you will certainly find the first two weeks as peak season, especially around the national holiday of Ferrogosto (our Lady of Assumption day) which falls on 15th August. Around that time, not only will you find Italian holidaymakers but also many other holidaymakers from other neighbouring European countries. Not only are the prices high during this period but availability is also minimal with many people booking villas and apartments up to a year in advance.
It may come as a surprise to some but the end of August is a different picture all together; prices drop dramatically, there is far greater choice of accommodation throughout Italy and the beaches, lakes, restaurants and importantly the roads are far less congested. It may not be as ‘cool’ for Italians to holiday at this time but it is certainly more appealing for the rest of the world! Just take a look at how holidaying at the end of August will help the budget with a few ideas from Holiday Homes in Italy;
Castellina – 6 bedroom Villa in Tuscany. £2,633 up to 24 August. Only £1,610 from 24 August.

Tao apt – 2 bed apartment in Taormina, Sicily. £1,306 up to 24 August. Only £1,095 from 24 August.
Masseria Bianca – 3 bed villa in Pulia. £1,933 up to 24 August. £1,288 from 24 August.

Gardone Riviera 2 - bedroom apartment in on Lake Garda. £934 up to 24 August. £603 from 24 August.
Byron apartment – 3 bedroom apartment in Portovenere, Liguria. £1,640 up to 24 August. £660 from 24 August.

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