Late summer sun in Italy

Still not booked your holiday this year? Italy is popular around the world, attracting millions of tourists each year. As you would expect, the busiest months are June-Sept but it may come as a surprise to some but the end of August the country is a different picture all together; prices drop dramatically, there is far greater choice of accommodation throughout Italy and the beaches, lakes, restaurants and importantly the roads are far less congested. It may not be as ‘cool’ for Italians to holiday at this time but it is certainly more appealing for the rest of the world!

As we venture into September and October, the popular resorts become even more of a joy, so you can really enjoy them to their fullest. So here are our suggestions for that late summer sun;


In terms of temperatures, the north of Italy and central Italy will still offer good weather at the beginning, if not for all of September. In addition to the three areas we have selected below, you will also find some good weather on Lake Garda, where rental prices also start to drop dramatically and also in Umbria;

1/. Tuscany - As a holiday destination, Tuscany does not disappoint. Accommodation is generally to a high standard and typical farmhouses and apartments epitomise the escapism of living in rural Italy. View accommodation.

2/. Sardinia - Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and is graced with endless soft and golden beaches and crystal blue sea. The island offers a wide range of attractions, from quiet coves and beaches to nature reserves and mountaintop ruins very diverse considering its size. Inland, the countryside is rich with agriculture and the landscape includes ravines, crags, valleys and wooded hillsides. View Accommodation.

3/. Liguria - offers something for everyone. The region One of Italy's smallest regions, Liguria stretches west in a narrow ribbon along the coast from France and offers one of the steepest and dramatic coastlines in Italy. View accommodation.


As we move into October, you really need to head south (although Liguria, also known as the ‘Italian Riviera’ can also be surprisingly pleasant at this time of year) to appreciate the good weather, where the temperatures will remain warm in at least the mid 20’s;

4/. Amalfi Coast - is one of the most inspiring and surprising stretches of the Mediterranean coastline. No journey here is dull; this is an imposing rock garden with breathtaking cliffs and deep ravines with a coastal road offering exceptional views. This part of Italy, benefits from a long golden autumn. View accommodation.

5/. Puglia - is a diverse region with a perfect blend of rustic landscapes and kilometres of pristine coastline; it boasts some of the cleanest beaches in Italy and it is rare to see overcrowding like in the northern beach resorts. View accommodation.

6/. Sicily - Italy's largest island and the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It's also a geographical and political region of Italy, famed for its beautiful beaches, cuisine, and fascinating history. Try Taormina or Cefalu for that perfect out of season stay. The milder autumn temperatures make sightseeing among far more pleasant than during the scorching summer. View accommodation.

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