Our stay at Villa Gallipoli in Puglia

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The villa

We have been going to Puglia for a few years now but have always stayed around the Bari area and the most popular resorts around Alberobello and Ostuni but really wanted to venture down south to Gallipoli, which we had heard a lot about.

We stayed in a really nice villa called Villa Gallipoli Vista. It was a perfect base for our stay. The owners live in the adjoining property but were never obtrusive and always friendly and welcoming. The mother brought us some local olive oil when we checked in and some wonderful bread that she had baked during the week - their English wasn't perfect but they we always so nice and their younger daughter was learning English, so happy to practice!

There were bicycles available at the property but we ventured out mostly with our rental car and everything was within easy reach.

Outside the villa was a cute garden area with a barbeque, which was perfect for a few lunches and evening meals that we enjoyed at the property. The best feature of the property, however, must be the pool, which had fantastic views over the countryside and towns leading down to Gallipoli in the distance. Our nephew really enjoyed this and it was perfect end to the days that we spent down at the beach or in the neighbouring towns.

In terms of facilities, there was a small town called Parabita, which was about 5 mins drive from the property and it offered a range of shops and supermarkets, everything we needed to stock up for the week.


We absolutely fell in love with Gallipoli itself. There is a modern part which is like most Italian cities, but if you cross the bridge into the old medieval centre, its absolutely stunning.  It's a really picturesque town surrounded by high walls which were built to protect it against attacks from the sea. Its also important fishing centre and we bought fresh fish from the fish market just to the side of the walls. There were lots of bars and restaurants looking out to sea - we spent many afternoons and evenings there. Just before the bridge on the left, there was an excellent cafe' bar serving the most delicious ice-cream. During the trip, we also hired a boat for the day from the port which was more reasonable that you would think - the husband and wife team took us around the coast and prepared lunch on board - unforgettable!

Around the area

In addition to Gallipoli, we took a day trip along the coastal road past Santa Maria di Leuca up to Otranto. I have to say this was the some of the most beautiful and dramatic coastal scenery we have ever seen. Think the Amalfi coastline but without the buildings and crowds. Otranto was a gorgeous seaside town, not dissimilar to Gallipoli and it only took us around 45 mins to get back to the villa. Unfortunately, we ran out of time on this trip and didn't manage to make it to Lecce but we have heard its called the 'Florence of the South', so definitely on our must see list for next time.

All in all, it was a fabulous holiday; lovely accommodation and a fabulous part of Italy that we had never explored previously – we can’t wait until our next trip! Thanks Kate for organising our trip!

Mr & Mrs Johnson

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