Autumn holidays in Italy; smart prices, less crowds and plenty of sunshine

Most tourists visit Italy predictably in the high season months of June, July and August.  You also have to remember that millions of Italians themselves staycation in Italy (can you blame them?) mostly during August. Even September in Italy these days but towards the end of September and October really is a magical time to visit!

Visiting outside of peak season will bring lots of benefits to the potential visitor. Prices for a start are significantly lower and can range from 25% to 50% less than high season – you can normally cherry pick your choice of self-catering villa or apartment with ease.  The weather tends to still be good in September and often well into October in many regions – it can drift easily into the late 20’s in most places but obviously cooler in the mornings and evenings and becomes a little more unsettles to add even more drama to the beautiful landscape. A refreshing change to the often stifling heatwaves of July and August.

Visiting Italy in the autumn will often help you to discover the real regions; visiting historical hamlets and villages without the midsummer crowds, and driving on quiet country roads with crisp blue skies can really be a joy.

Another benefit is the fantastic food. Italian food is always wonderful but during this period, many areas will boast festivals and start harvest season showcasing their local produce.

In terms of activities, it is also perfect for a game of golf and other activities of interest such as sailing and diving, horse riding and fishing.

Where to visit

Autumn is fab all over Italy but here is our pick of areas:

Lake Garda – We love the lakes but they can get so crowded over summer with too many campervans heading down from northern Europe. Once the Italians are back to work and the high season families have scattered, Garda becomes elegant again and a real joy to navigate around.

Tuscany – One of our favourite places like many others but autumn really is a joy here are the roads are not congested and you are not surrounded by tourists at every turn. You can really see the true Tuscany and sample some of the wonderful food and wine.

Sardinia – Most would think of visiting earlier but the weather often holds out. What then remains is a beautiful island; tranquil, endless sandy beaches and enough space to find your own piece of paradise.

Sicily – similar to Sardinia, this island really shines in autumn. You will probably find some of the best weather all over Italy in Sicily in autumn, where the locals will often swim in the sea into November. A truly magical place.

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