Villas in Italy for groups of families & friends

Villas in Italy for groups of families & friends

It's really difficult to beat a group holiday.  We've all done it at some point, either skiing or celebrating 
a friends 30th or 40th but it's surprising that more people haven't considered a group summer holiday, 
even with the kids!
Lower costs -  A group holiday, above all, is a great way to keep costs down. Most families renting 
a 1 or 2 bedroom property would be shocked by the difference adding another 4 people to the booking 
will make on the rental listing.  It can also help keep travel and food costs down too.  This also allows 
you to spend much more on activities whilst on holiday! A bigger rental property often has larger grounds,
meaning more space and area for the children to play in, especially if there are younger children.

More hands - Travelling in a group can also make arrangements easier as you can spread the organisation
of the trip - why do it all when you have friends or family to help? It's time to delegate. Sharing the cooking 
if you want to use the benefits of the villa can be a great substitute for a night out.

More fun - Let's not forget, a group holiday can be much more fun as you are surrounded by like-minded 
individuals and can all partake in activities/sightseeing tours together.  It's also great to know that you have 
the company of another family for keeping the children entertained during the day!

Let us do the work for you -  Holiday Homes in Italy offers a great selection of large properties suitable 
for group holidays. Group bookings can be a hassle, so let us do the work for you! We can arrange 
payments from each person in the group, arrange transfers, meals at the villa, excursions to tourist 
attractions, boat cruises etc. 

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